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Villas for lease9:25' 12/30/2011

Whether detached or semi-detached, each villas of Vincom Village has a romantic neoclassic style, river view, a beautiful garden, a private boat pier and is surrounded by the canals meandering through the complex. All of these features without doubt will bring your family a peaceful, idyllic and high-standard living space. In addition, the emergence of clusters of luxury facilities, including a modern shopping mall, fancy restaurants offering numerous choices, unique games area; Maple Bear Kindergarten, BVIS schools, VINMEC hotel hospital; Vincharm Spa; Sports Center; BBQ Village... is also an important factor, together with you, contributing to create a prosperous, civilized, harmonious and friendly community.

If you have not been prepared for the ownership of one of the villas of the project, please join the “Villas for Lease" program of Vincom Village, to enjoy and experience a luxurious living with your family in such a private, romantic and opulent space of high-end river-side villas at a cost of from just VND 20,500,000.

Village Vincom offers special promotions for the first 20 customers registering for the lease.

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