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Vincom Center Long Bien, opening in Dec, 201111:46' 6/16/2011

Covering about 40,000 m2, Vincom Shopping Mall in Sai Dong is a model comprising shopping, recreation and entertainment, restaurants, etc.

As a part of Vincom Village project, covering more than 100 ha, in Sai Dong Ward, Long Bien District, Vincom Center Long Bien is expected to become a leading Shopping Mall in the East of Hanoi.

Long Bien is one of the areas having high growth rate in the Capital City. Thanks to advantages of large land bank and affordable prices, this is the preferred choice of many people when they have demand for houses. However, there is, in Long Bien, currently no shopping mall adequate to satisfy demands for shopping and entertainment of the residents.

Vincom Center Long Bien not only operates as a normal shopping center but also comprises other functional areas such as restaurants, supermarket, recreation and entertainment, spa, gym, etc. satisfying demand for entertainment, meeting, etc. of all customers, a manager of Vincom shared

This is one of the projects in series of 10 shopping malls that are expected to be constructed by Vincom in the next 5 years. Along with the brand names of Vincom Center and Vincom Mega Mall, shopping mall complexes of Vincom JSC will supply about 1 million m2 for retail floor, accounting for 1/4 of total supply source for this market.