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VINCOME VILLAGE – Ideal place for a happy and elite life and outstanding performancegrade8:53' 7/30/2011

On 24.5.2011, Vingroup held a press conference to officially introduce Vincom Village project. Accordingly, this will be an especially high-end and multi-functional eco-urban complex. In addition, the developer is committed to put a series of works into operation and hand them over from September to the end of this year (though the project just started at the beginning of May 2011), a “new record” for construction speed will be set by Vincom Village.

Located in the East of Hanoi Capital City (in the area of Phuc Loi, Phuc Dong, Viet Hung Wards of Long Bien District, 6.5km from Hoan Kiem Lake), with total area of 183.5 ha, of which 60ha is used for green coverage, 50ha for roads, and low construction density, etc., Vincom Village will become one of the most high-end, luxurious and modern urban areas in Vietnam with total investment capital of about VND 10,000 billion. The developer of Vincom Village is Sai Dong Urban Development and Investment JSC, an affiliate of Vincom JSC – Vingroup.

Possessing advantage of prime location near Hanoi Center (6.5 km from Hoan Kiem Lake); at the meeting point of important traffic arteries such as national road No. 5 connecting Hanoi with main urban areas in the Northern region, Vincom Village project is also adjacent to the route on Vinh Tuy bridge on the belt road No. 1; adjacent to the section of Nguyen Van Cu street accessing to the inner city through Chuong Duong bridge and the route on Thanh Tri bridge on the belt road No. 3.

Especially, the transport conditions will become much more convenient in the future when the modern elevated road from Vinh Tuy bridge to Nga Tu So and the belt road from Vinh Tuy bridge to Nhat Tan bridge are completed, which facilitate the traffic flow to Hoan Kiem Lake or the Western, the Southern area of the city.

With an idea of developing not only a beautiful and modern urban area built to high-end, convenient standards but also a perfect living environment, Vincom Village is planned on a “inward” basis with focal highlight of trees, gardens, and lively landscape lakes. Architectural space of the project comprising the construction works and complex is patterned on “open” model which is perfectly blends with the landscape, creating harmony and flexible connection to diferent transport layers. In addition to parks, mature trees are planted along the pathways of the urban area, among miniature landscapes and flower gardens. The idea of canals and large lakes will create beautiful landscape and ecological environment on one hand, and bring the project an unmatched and unique architectural style on the other hand.

With regard to general planning, Vincom Village will be an ecological and multi-functional complex comprising of:

- Super high-end villa complex surrounded by winding canals (covering 38.2 ha).

- A-class offices and opulent apartment and office complex.

- Vincom Center Long Bien Shopping Mall complex (covering 45,000 m2, including the Entertainment world: 3,200m2, Gym & Spa and swimming pools: 3,600m2, modern cinemas: 3,300m2, and other shopping areas, etc.)

- Schools: 02 international-standard schools (Primary school and secondary school) with total area of 35,000m2; 04 kindergartens covering an area of 22,400m2.

- Vinmec 2 International General Hospital (Hospital–Hotel) with floor area of 99,800m2.

- Restaurants and entertainment complex: covering more than 21,000m2

- Indoor and outdoor sports complex: covering nearly 17,000m2.

- Variety of parks and lakes covering 600,000m2.

- Internal road system (5 roads connected with general intersections) covering nearly 500,000m2.

One of the most outstanding features of Vincom Village is the high-end villa complex. All villas are bordered with canals and lakes, that creates airy and green spaces. Being opulent and beautiful, all villas are designed in neo-classic architecture style by French Design and Consultancy Company, wearing the outstanding, charming appearance which reveals the elite and sophicated owners; while maximizes the large area of yards and gardens to create wonderful lake and river views. Each villa is constructed with a pier straight to the lake, so that the owners can walk from their houses to the lake. All villas are designed in 3 categories: semi-detached villa, deatched villa and VIP detached villa. Especially, to reduce the construction density, there is a basement in each villa for the future owner to build an indoor swimming pool, entertainment area, Bar or warehouse, etc. Moreover, there is a space in each villa for a parking garage. Airy interior space will be handed over to the villa owner to customize design and decoration.

Directly managed by Vingroup, the management service will also be a distinguishing feature of Vincom Village. Being well experienced in constructing, managing and operating hotels, villas, apartments, shopping malls and high-end offices, etc., Vingroup will surely bring the project an extremely perfect service. Security and healthcare services are typical examples; all villas will be provided maximum security with 3 levels: security staffs for frequent patrol and guard at all road ends; CCTV system for 100% control of any movement on all routes and canals; alarming system including call buttons equipped for every villa, the security will be present for assistance within 1 – 1.5 minutes after the call. In terms of healthcare services, when Vinmec-2 has not been constructed (which takes about 2 years), Vinmec-1 (in Times City) will assign an ambulance for 24h a day. In case of emergency, patient will be taken to Vinmec-1 hospital within only 5 minutes.

In the occasion of project introduction, the developer of Vincom Village announced the implementation schedule at record speed. Accordingly, most of works will be executed in 2 stages. Although the project has just been commenced since 12/5/2011, most of construction works in stage 1 will have been basically completed, put into operation and handed over by the end of this year. In August, the developer will hand over premises to tenants of Vincom Center Long Bien Shopping Mall so that they can prepare their pavilions for the official opening on 24/12/2011. From September, the developer will also start the hand-over of villas and complete by December.

Sports and recreation area, tennis courts and particularly Kimono restaurant–entertainment complex (invested and developed in Japanese model and covers an area of more than 2 ha and including areas of restaurants, relaxation, spa …) will open on the same day with the Shopping Mall - 24/12/2011. In stage 2 (2012 – 2013), all remaining construction works of the project including Vinmec-2 General Hospital, high-end offices, apartment-office complex will also be completed and brought into operation.

Ms. Mai Huong Noi, the General Director of Vincom JSC said at the press conference: “Vincom Village is the project that we devote all of our efforts, financial and material resources. We expect and believe that it will become not only a leading high-end ecological urban area in Vietnam with typical identities and features but also a green zone, a green lung of the city center".

With respect to the opulent villa complex in Vincom Village, Ms. Mai Huong Noi said: In Vietnamese mind, the villas of French architecture have had close attachment to and strong impression on people. They feature the luxury and outstanding appearance, possess the differences in architectural and cultural styles. French villas are also designed in connection to the relaxation environment and tranquility that are also the destination of discerning people, which can be seen in tourism destinations like Da Lat, Tam Dao, Sapa or the Old Quarter of Hanoi Capital City. Therefore, the villa complex has been constructed in French architectural style. In addition, as we know, owning a lake-side villa is a dream and wish of many people, thus we decided to construct 100% lakeside villas in this complex, which is the major distinguishing feature of the project. Now it is not neccesary to go a long way of tens kilometers to find a villa, come to Vincom Village, just about 6km from the city center through various convenient accesses, you can own a separate peaceful space with lake view and immerse in lush green of the nature.”

Regarding commercial value and commitment to construction progress and quality, Ms. Mai Huong Noi affirmed: “Owning a villa in Vincom Village, customer can enjoy the “3 benefits in 1” : A luxurious villa to live with all conveniences of location, facilities, furniture, living space, etc.; An ideal relaxation place near working place instead of travel far to tourism attractions; A highly profitable property increasing by time and higher profit by subleasing (the developer is willing to assist customers if they have demand of leasing out). With regard to construction progress and quality, the customers can absolutely rest their minds. Experience in construction and development of various high-end and multi-functional urban areas and Vincom’s prestige are guarantee. Additionally, d management by Vingroup is also the commitment to service quality, long-term engagement between the developer and residents of the project...”